Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Trip with the Puppies

A few weekends ago, Brandon and I went to Ft. Worth to stay with Matt and Sarah (Brandon's sister and brother-in-law). We went because the guys wanted to take our dogs to get rattle snake avoidance training. While they did this, Sarah and I went to Canton and bought stuff for our nursery. That evening, Sarah and Matt took us to Texas De Brazil to celebrate Brandon making a 92 on his paramedic final! Yah! Thanks Matt and Sarah for such a nice and yummy meal!

A few years ago Maggie and Moose had puppies. Matt and Sarah decided to take two of the female puppies...Bella and Dixie. So here is the family...(from left)..Bella,Maggie, Dixie, and Moose. One big happy family!

Maggie and Moose after their fun-filled trip!

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abby said...

Does Moose "love" Dixie like he "loves" Beans? :)

So glad you posted!