Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, as you can see Blakely wasn't too thrilled about seeing Santa this year.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

1 Year Pictures
About a month ago we had Blakely's 1 year pictures taken. We were very please with how they turned out. Here are some of our favorites I wanted to share~

Look at this sweet face!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our trip to the Arboretum
Last Year I took Blakely when she was 2 weeks old... I know you all are asking "What was she thinking?" Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking but we still had fun. I posted some pictures of last year so you all can see how much she as changed in one year.

Carter and Blakely. He really didn't know what to think of her.

This picture cracks me up. She has always been prissy and dainty with her hands. she is today!!!

He is sweet Carter. I didn't get any good pictures of the two of them together.

Happy Fall everyone!!

Blakely's Birthday Week!!!!
We can't believe our baby girl is already turning one. This year has flown by. We have enjoyed every minute of being her parents. She makes us laugh and smile constantly and we just love watching her little, or should I say big, personality develope. Right now she is walking and talking non-stop. If there is a quiet moment in the house we start to worry. Some of the words she says is momma, dadda, bye-bye, hi, puppy, baby, babo(bottle), Moo(Moose, our dog), Mo (more). She is starting to sign "more" and "all done". She loves to give hugs, kisses, high fives,clap, dance and wave to people. She is definately our little social butterfly. She has started eating regular food and isn't too picky. Her favorite things to do are to be outside looking at trees or riding on the 4-wheeler, in her car or in the wagon. She loves standing at the back door and talking to the dogs. Reading books is also a favorite. At her 1 year appointment she weighed 21 lbs (5oth percentile), was 29 3/4 in long (75th percentile). She is right on track with everything. We can't wait to see what this next year brings us.

We started off her birthday week with a trip to Cabelos. She loved looking at all the animals in the museum area. We took her there when she was about 5 weeks old (picture below). I am sure this will be a trip that her and daddy will take togther quite often.

1 year old!
1 month old!

We were very excited because PawPaw, Meme, and Dakota (our 7 year old nephew) got to come visit. We had a great time getting to see them on her birthday weekend.

PawPaw with Blakely in her shirt he got her. It says "LSU cheerleader in training"

Meme with Blakely and Lily (our 9 month old neice).

Blakely with her Uncle Matt who shares the same birthday as her.

Birthday party at Mrs. Lisa's house
Blakely wore her birthday shirt and took cupcakes to Mrs. Lisa's house.
Mrs. Lisa and Blakely. We love, love, love our babysitter!!!

Party! Party! Party!
We decided to have Blakely's party at our house this year. We invited family and a few friends. Blakely had a blast opening her presents and eating her cake. It think the thing she liked best was all the attention she got. She was quite the entertainer.

Our sweet birthday girl.

Blakely decided to entertain everyone at the beginning of the party and show them her muscles. She would flex her arm muscles and tense up her neck and face. She did it over and over. As long as people were laughing at her she would do it.

Momma J gave her a purse with a cell phone, lipstick, debit card, and mirror. She LOVES it!

Daddy got her her first camo backpack and her first 4-wheeler.

This was our attempt to get a picture of some of the kids at the party. It didn't go to well.
Our sweet niece, Lily, who is 9 months old. Sooo cute!
Her mommy dressed her with the theme of Blakely's party..zebra and hot pink!
Brandon's mom and my mom ended up dressing alike and they didn't even plan it! Doesn't Blakely have pretty Grandmas.
Here is Blakely with Joyce "Momma J". I worked with Joyce in Mckinney for 5 years so she has been like another mom to me and she has also helped out alot with Blakely. She likes to be called a "cool girlfriend" rather than another mom. So, I guess I will call her that.

Mrs. Sheaffer and Blakely. I didn't get a picture with Carter, her son. Blakely and him are best friends, or lets just say they will be soon when they know what being friends are!

Uncle Robert and Aunt Paula. This is Brandon's aunt and uncle. Uncle Robert married Brandon and I 7 1/2 years ago. He also dedicated Blakely this past May at church. He has been a part of some of the most special times in our life.
Our happy family

Blakely with her great grandparents. We are so glad that got to come!

Lisa's parents "Momma D" and "Papa Lee"

Some of Blakely's aunts and uncles who spoil her rotten!
She LOVED opening the gifts and loved all the gifts she recieved. Here she is opening up a gift from PawPaw with her LSU socks and LSU outfit.

As you can see, she loved the cake. Mommy didn't think about the black icing when she ordered the cake:) Oops