Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pregnancy Update!

Well, I am now at 31 weeks...9 weeks to go!!! Everything is going great and I am feeling good! The baby weighs almost 3 1/2 pounds. We went and got the 3D/4D ultrasound done last week. The pictures are amazing. I will try to post them once we scan them in. We only got print outs of the face because we didn't want to know what the baby is. So, we have a DVD and a CD with 256 pictures on it sitting on our desk that we can't look at unless we want to find out what it is. So, as hard as it is not to look at it, we are going to wait and view them after the baby is here. We have a busy 2 months ahead of us trying to get ready for the baby and Brandon finishing up his paramedic rotations and graduating Sept. 18th...yah!

Our Trip with the Puppies

A few weekends ago, Brandon and I went to Ft. Worth to stay with Matt and Sarah (Brandon's sister and brother-in-law). We went because the guys wanted to take our dogs to get rattle snake avoidance training. While they did this, Sarah and I went to Canton and bought stuff for our nursery. That evening, Sarah and Matt took us to Texas De Brazil to celebrate Brandon making a 92 on his paramedic final! Yah! Thanks Matt and Sarah for such a nice and yummy meal!

A few years ago Maggie and Moose had puppies. Matt and Sarah decided to take two of the female puppies...Bella and Dixie. So here is the family...(from left)..Bella,Maggie, Dixie, and Moose. One big happy family!

Maggie and Moose after their fun-filled trip!

Nursing Home Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, my nursing home, which I have done contract work with for 4 years, decided to give me a baby shower. We had so much fun. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, I can't post any pictures of my sweet patients who I have known for several years. The therapy dept. planned games for all the residents. The residents wanted to get me something for my shower, but of course the staff wouldn't let them use their money for that. So, the staff went and bought some gifts from Dollar General and they got to use their Bingo Bucks that they won to purchase me a small gift. They also wanted to wrap it themselves. I felt so thankful and blessed by everyone at my sweet nursing home.

Here is the therapy department that I work with. They were so sweet in planning this wonderful shower for me.

Babies, Babies, Babies

In this picture, Brandon's sister is 3 months pregnant, I am 6 months pregnant and Katie (Brandon's cousin's wife) is 9 months pregnant. So his family is going to be full of new babies in the next few months. Brandon's mom and aunt took us all to the Melting Pot for a nice dinner before Katie had Baby Nathan. We had so much fun! Thanks for such a great evening Hannah "Honey" and Aunt Jenni "Mimi"

Baby Moon

Brandon and I wanted to have a little get away before Baby Jones arrives. Since he is working and finishing up paramedic school he only had one weekend available. So we decided to take a long weekend trip to Rouch Creek Lodge and Resort outside of Glen Rose Texas. It was SOOO nice! Brandon's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Matt came on the 4th of July to celebrate with us. We had a blast. Thanks Brandon for taking me on such a fun and relaxful trip!

Brandon and Matt went fishing for a few hours in the pond behind the resort. They caught alot of big fish!

This is what I did most of the time...relaxing by the pool. Here is Sarah and I getting some sun. We also went and got us a prenatal massage. That was wonderful!

Brandon still thinks he is a little kid sometimes. He decided to go down the little kids slide a few times.

We ate some REALLY good food and watched the fire works show from the restaurant balcony.

Father's Day

Outside the restaurant they had this old tractor. So, of course we had to hop on it and get our picture.

We celebrated Father's Day for my dad and Brandon at Babe's Chicken House! Here is the camo diaper bag that my parents gave him. He loved it.