Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, many of you are going to think that I am so redneck for posting hunting pictures as my first post on my blog. Actually, we couldn't find our camera for a while and this is the only thing I have that is recent besides our pumpkin party last October. So this will have to do. Kevin and Abby Curley called us late one Saturday night and wanted us to go hunting with them. I have only been a few times with Brandon in the 10 years we have been together. So, I was actually excited about it. Abby had never been duck hunting and wanted to go before Leah got here. We had a blast. We only saw one duck but we still had a good time. We took our dogs with us too. Maggie (the yellow lab) is ours and Beans (the chocolate lab) is Abby and Kevin's. Beans is actually one of Maggie and Moose's puppies so we call her our "grand-dog".
We had to get a family picture of the event...minus Moose. Lazy Moose was at home asleep.
As you can see, Abby was 8 months pregnant when we went. Doesn't she look cute!!! Unfortunately they don't make camo maternity pants, or atleast I don't think they do. So, she had to make due with what she had. I think she pulled it off pretty well! If you are wondering why the crotch of my pants goes down to my knees, I had to wear Brandon's camo. I don't own any so I had to make due with his..which were a FEW sizes too BIG!!!!

Aren't they cute!!!!