Sunday, April 25, 2010

Team In Training...
I have decided to join some of my friends/co-workers in the North Cities Team in Training. We will be raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as we train for a half-marathon. I love running and I decided to I wanted to do this because it is for a great cause. My goal is to raise $3500! I will be running in October or November at one of their races in Dallas, San Antonio or San Fransisco. For those of you who love to run, I would love for you to join our team. If you get a chance please visit my website and consider donating to this great society that helps a lot of families.
Thank you!!!
Our Trip to the Arboretum!
Brandon, Blakely and I decided to take a trip to the Dallas Arboretum with Brandon's sister, Sarah, her husband Matt and their 3 month old baby girl, Lily. We had a lot of fun but the girls were pooped by the end of it. We ended up taking about 400 pictures so I will share a few of our favorites.

Me and Lily.

Blakely (6 months). This was one of the first pics we took. As you scroll down you will see she wasn't this happy towards the end.

I love her so much!!!

At one spot we put the girls in front of the Azalias. Brandon was messing with the camera and I was helping with Lily. We looked over and Blakely was under the bush playing with the flowers. So this is how we got this picture.

2 cousins together!

They love each other so much.

She is definately a Daddy's girl!

She loved getting to lay on the cold grass.

Blakely decided to show some thigh off in this picture!

Sarah and Lily!
Matt and Lily!

The girls and Dads were done after a couple of hours.

Blakely loves her Aunt Sarah