Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Moon

Brandon and I wanted to have a little get away before Baby Jones arrives. Since he is working and finishing up paramedic school he only had one weekend available. So we decided to take a long weekend trip to Rouch Creek Lodge and Resort outside of Glen Rose Texas. It was SOOO nice! Brandon's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Matt came on the 4th of July to celebrate with us. We had a blast. Thanks Brandon for taking me on such a fun and relaxful trip!

Brandon and Matt went fishing for a few hours in the pond behind the resort. They caught alot of big fish!

This is what I did most of the time...relaxing by the pool. Here is Sarah and I getting some sun. We also went and got us a prenatal massage. That was wonderful!

Brandon still thinks he is a little kid sometimes. He decided to go down the little kids slide a few times.

We ate some REALLY good food and watched the fire works show from the restaurant balcony.

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