Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter

We took Blakely to get her Easter pictures made with a bunny. We were a little worried about how it was going to go, but she ended up loving the bunny.
Blakely is wearing the bracelet that I wore when I was a baby.

Our Weekend
Saturday night we went over to my parents house to celebrate my brother passing his
4 CPA exams!!! WOOHOO!!!! We had a good time playing with everyone and eating some very good food!

Mama D and Papa Lee got Blakely a dancing bunny for Easter that dances and hops while it sings "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail".
Silly Papa Lee was outside cooking out and was playing with Blakely through the window.
She loves her Uncle Justin and Aunt Lydia!
We gave her a cold green bean to chew on and she loved it. I hope this is a sign that she will love to eat green beans in a few weeks~

On Friday we went with Sheaffer and Carter to Frisco to eat and shop. Before we left we decided to attempt to take some pictures of them. When they get married in about 20+ years they will need these pictures for their slide show! HA!

"You want us to do what....act like we like each other and smile?"
"OK, Carter come here..I want a bite of you"
"Wait Carter, please come back here"
"You are crazy girl...I don't know what to think of you"
"OK, I think I am starting to like you. Here are some pretty flowers I just got out of mommy's vase that you can have."
"I love flowers...give them to me."
The end~

On Friday, we also found out that our babysitter is moving in 2 weeks. YIKES! We love Mrs. Melody "Mimi". She has been such a blessing to us since I have gone back to work. We are REALLY sad that she has to move. So, all my friends in Mckinney, if you know anyone that keeps kids please let us know. We have a couple that we are going to meet with. We are just praying that God will bring someone else into our life like Mimi that we can love and trust.

It's Cereal Time. YUM! YUM!
We gave Blakely cereal this past week for the first time. The first bite she wasn't sure of but after that she loved it and ate every bit of it. I don't think we are going to have a problem with her eating baby food in a couple of weeks. She LOVES to eat!

Yummy, that was good!!!
"What is this stuff in my mouth?"

Daddy Time
Just thought I would share some cute pictures of Blakely and her "daddy time".
Blakely had fun playing outside while Daddy worked on his 4-wheeler.


Chris & Heidi said...

Very cute pics. She is a doll!!!
A friend across the street from us is keeping children.
Hope all is well. Take care.

Heidi :)

abby said...

Cereal! Nooooooo....... she can't be old enough for that!!! Looks like she's loving it!