Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our lazy weekend
This past weekend was a very relaxful and lazy weekend for Miss Blakely. I had to go to a
conference in Austin on Sat. so she got to spend the day and evening with Daddy. I texted him one time and asked what they were doing and he said he had her in the carrier on his chest and they were out in the garage working on his truck. Then they were headed to the backyard to work in the shed and play with the dogs! He said Blakely loved it. I realized Sunday night that she had not gotten out of pajamas all weekend. We love these kind of weekends. We wish we had more of them.

Daddy put together her new jumperoo. She loves it.

I had to post of picture of some of her cute pajamas. I am like my best friend Sheaffer...I love baby pajamas!!! These are the pj's Honey got her before Valentine's Day.

This picture pretty much sums up the weekend~

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Sheaffer, Chris, Scout, and baby Carter said...

Hoorah for baby pajamas!!!!!! So cute!!!!!