Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Months Old!!!
Here are some random pictures from Blakely's 3rd month. She changes so much everyday~
Here are some things she is doing now:
*Smiles all the time
*Loves to coo and make tongue noises
*Rolling over front to back and back to front
*Loves to play in her exersaucer
*Loves to hear you sing to her
*Sleeps 8-9 hours (yeah!!!)

Maggie and Moose are sooo good with Blakely. Here is Maggie and her laying on her pillow.

Blakely's Loves her Great Aunt Jenni!
We went to visit Brandon's grandparents, Mammy and Pappy. Mammy was helping change Blakely's diaper and visiting with her.
Pappy loves to get him some baby kisses!

We have had several play dates with Carter and Sheaffer. Carter still doesn't know what to think about Blakely.
Blakely is enjoying the great pictures off of Daddy's game camera.
We love going on walks together. Unfortunately it has been too cold to go on walks but one afternoon it warmed up enough for us to go on a short one. We can't wait for Spring to get here!
Blakely with her Aunt Regina and Uncle Byron.
Blakely LOVES bath time. She also LOVES to lay on her diaper changing table and coo with you.

We had something VERY exciting happen in January....Blakely's first cousin was born and it is a girl!!!!!! Her name is Lillian Grace Morris. We are super excited that Blakely will have a cousin that is 3 months younger than her.
Here are some pics of the day Lillian was born.

Brandon, his dad (PawPaw) and Blakely waiting anxiously in the waiting room!
We ended up being in the waiting room for about 8 hours so everyone did lots of playing with Blakely. Here is Blakely with her Mimi and PawPaw.
Precious Lillian Grace
Blakely isn't sure what to think of her new cousin.
Here we are with the proud new parents..Matt and Sarah (Brandon's sister).
Proud Uncle Brandon

Mimi and PawPaw decided to come over for the night and see Blakely after Lillian was born. We had such a great time visiting with them and letting Blakely play with them.

After a long evening of playing, she finally gave in and went to sleep.

We went to visit Lily when she was 2 weeks old. Isn't she sooo cute!!!

Brandon and his sister with their babies!!! you are my cousin that everyone has been telling me about.
Here is our sweet neighbors' son, Wyatt. He is 6 weeks older than Blakely.
Here they are watching T.V. together.
Sooo sweet.
One of my favorite pics. that I had to share.
We love our nap times together!!!!
Something Blakely has started doing is holding her bottle. No, I am not trying to get her to do this yet...she has just started doing it on her own. She can't hold a bigger bottle but she loves holding the smaller ones.
We had some friends over for the super bowl. Here are Wyatt and Blakely just chilling in the crib.
This picture pretty much sums up our party. Lets just say, there wasn't much watching the game, but it was fun. Here is Wyatt, Carter, Leah (who thought her mommy was making her go to bed) and Blakely.

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